Why Aren't We Growing?

Too many nonprofits today are stuck in a fundraising rut and not growing. Meanwhile, the needs they are trying to address are rising at a rapid pace. Despite a desire to do better, help more, and make a greater impact most nonprofits just can’t because they lack the funds.

What if that limited growth could be overcome? Not just with small and incremental increases, but with significant and sustainable growth that allows your mission to shine and address the needs you’ve been seeing for so many years.

The solution is having the courage and discipline to stop doing some of the things that got you started in the first place. Repeating the same strategies will keep holding you back every year.

In this workshop, you will find three specific objectives to help you get started doing the right things to grow your annual giving:

  • Understand the life-cycle of a typical development operation 
  • Identify the good and bad characteristics of each phase 
  • Provide practical steps to move toward sustainable growth 


Wednesday, October 18 / 9:00am – 11:00am
Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas
811 N Coker Loop / San Antonio, Texas

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