Carolyn Johnson
Client Relations

Carolyn is a member of the Sales & Marketing team and has been in the development field for over 25 years. Her background in sociology and psychology provides her with the perfect backdrop to relate to potential clients. When conversing with potential clients, she communicates information about MAP and our events while also determining their future needs. In addition, she schedules appointments for MAP consultants to meet with organizations interested in our services. She combines her genuine interest in nonprofit organizations with her knowledge of MAP’s unique role in our industry. 

Prior to MAP, Carolyn enjoyed working directly with customers in various fields, including banking, property and casualty insurance, HR benefits, and client development. 

Carolyn and her husband, Tim, have lived in Dallas for over 50 years and have one daughter, Elizabeth, plus Tim’s two older children, Eric and Karen, three grandsons, one granddaughter, one great-grandson, two great-granddaughters, and one on they way. Carolyn and Tim have been involved as neighborhood block captains for over 30 years and Carolyn is the social chair for their neighborhood. 

She is also a volunteer in patrol, active in church activities and Via de Cristo, and loves to cook, garden, read, and Freecycle! She is also the primary caregiver for her Mom who turned 103 years old in December! Carolyn’s favorite place to vacation is visiting their family in Wisconsin! Carolyn and Tim love pets, and their flat-coated retriever Katy and cat Beau keep them entertained.