Erin Sweeney
Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Erin serves as the Office Manager/Executive Assistant, working with the Mission Advancement team to provide outstanding service to clients.

Erin’s leadership skills and her experience in marketing and social media, as well as her more than 15 years of volunteering with a variety of nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross, give her a unique perspective in supporting the MAP team.

Erin holds an Associates in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the Vincennes University of Indiana, as well as certification in Event Planning and Management. Born in upstate New York, raised in southern New Hampshire, and graduating high school and college in Indiana, she has called the Dallas/Fort Worth area her home for over 15 years.

Among her volunteer activities, Erin has assisted with the annual gala for the Hugs Café and makes scarves for the homeless in McKinney, Texas. When she eventually retires, her goal is to volunteer with an organization that helps the homeless.

Erin is the proud dog mom to a 3-legged pit bull mix, and she also cares for 2 chickens, 2 cats, and 6 guinea fowl. Her other interests include painting, 4-wheeling, camping, fishing, and sharp-shooting (she has her own women’s competitive shooting league).