The Anatomy of a Successful School Capital Campaign

From setting budgets and tuition to projecting hiring needs and curriculum changes, successful schools plan well in advance for the future. Raising extraordinary amounts of money for your school’s campus is no different. Common sense tells you that a successful capital campaign will not succeed by accident. Capital campaigns are major undertakings that require hard work, a well-conceived strategy and significant planning.

The competition that private schools face today is fiercer than ever. Coupled with an amazing faculty and academic program, exceptional facilities often provide that needed competitive advantage to set your school apart. Here’s the challenge: exceptional facilities require the difficult and daunting task of raising extraordinary funds, likely more than you’ve ever raised before. The greater challenge is this: only a handful of key components will make or break your school’s capital campaign. Thinking themselves unique and blessed, too many schools have failed in their campaign efforts due to all too common campaign missteps.  This does not have to be.

There is hope!  This interactive workshop from Mission Advancement will give you a roadmap to success with detailed insights from the many other successful school capital campaigns with which we’ve worked. A behind-the-scenes walkthrough of what doesn’t work and what works (and more importantly – why it works) will set your school up for the best possible campaign success.

Our friendly team of campaign experts looks forward to engaging with you over this two-hour session, giving you the best of our experience from the hundreds of campaigns we’ve helped succeed across the nation.

March 7, 2019/ 9 am – 11 am
Cretin-Derham Hall
550 S Albert St / St Paul, Minnesota