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Coffee & Conversation: Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

Coffee & Conversation: Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

Just like a championship sports team, a successful capital campaign is built before the game is even played. Unfortunately, too many organizations look for expert answers after they are well into planning and even early fundraising activities. If you need to expand, renovate, build, and raise extraordinary funding in the next 1-5 years, this webinar is for you!

We will touch on the following topics and cover some common myths and misunderstandings around how capital campaigns are funded:  

  • What matters in your campaign story?  What do donors want and need to know? 
  • Who are your best campaign prospects?
  • How do you engage, enlist, and prepare an effective leadership team to guide the campaign?
  • How do you ask donors for large, capacity gifts? 
  • What is a reasonable campaign timeline?
  • How do you map a clear financial path to achieve your objective?
  • Answering the question: Do you need a feasibility study? 

Advance your mission. Today.