Maximize your nonprofit events

Sara Wise
Executive Consultant

A phrase that can cause dread in all of us is short and all too common, “I think we need another fundraising event.” Events often feel like the necessary evil of the nonprofit world. You can spend countless hours planning and executing them, and these hours could be spent on many other beneficial things. But as difficult as they can be, let’s take a look at how we can maximize your nonprofit events for the true value they hold: donor relationships.

Paper people chain - team work can help us maximize your nonprofit events

How do your nonprofit events add value for donors?

It’s all too easy to allow your events to become transactional. You provide a fun experience and your donor responds with a contribution. But events provide a much bigger opportunity than this in the donor relationships.


Through events you can remind old donors and introduce new donors to the importance of your mission. You can help them fall in with your organization and get excited to contribute to its goal. Maximizing your nonprofit events requires asking how you can make this happen first.

Make your events transformational!

The first step to maximize your nonprofit events is asking, “What does this add to the meaning of the mission for the donors?” Is your event built on this foundation? It’s important to remember that many of your participants likely go to multiple functions every year, and a lot of these events are similar. 


Taking the time to appreciate them and remind them of your mission is what will make your event stand out!


This means you should also plan out your stewardship before the event. After a long and exhausting process of planning and holding an event, it’s hard to do more than a thank-you note. If you plan out how you will thank your donors and spend time engaging beyond the event, it can help bring a greater appreciation for your events.


All of this is much easier said than done, but it’s important. If you spend so many hours planning, why not get everything you can? Get more than a donation; gain a new relationship with donors and prospects. To learn more about how to achieve transformational donor relationships, visit our learning hub to find new information!

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