Summer Break Series: Summer School Edition

Mission Advancement’s 2023 Summer Break Series starts Monday, July 10. This year we take a more serious tone as we all attend Summer School and learn the Elements of Successful Fundraising. Whether you work at a nonprofit organization, an independent school or part of a ministries, your mission is worth advancing. We hope these key elements will help set you on the path of a successful fundraising campaign. 


Episode 1 - The Story

A compelling case is essential to a successful fundraising campaign. Join Schuyler, Katie and Scott as they discuss what is needed to tell a compelling story about your mission that will motivate your donors and increase their commitment to your mission. 

Episode 2 - The Leadership

Everyone is in development when it comes to fundraising. Schuyler, Sandy and Erin discuss who are the key players in your organization who are needed to tell that compelling story and help your nonprofit fundraising efforts to be successful. 

Episode 3 - The Prospects

It’s all about relationships. Our Houston team, Sara, Kedrienne and Josh discuss the need to build that close relationship with your donors, and how to best connect with them in order to get the support you need to fund your mission. For good. 

Episode 4 - The Plan

In this installment, we wrap up the series by crafting a nonprofit fundraising plan that brings all the elements together. Lacey, Angel and Tim share with you ways to get organized, creative and engage with your donors in ways that will mean their support now and in the future.

Your mission is worth advancing and fully funding that mission takes more than passion and hope. Watch our Summer Break Series and arm yourself with the knowledge and what it takes to succeed in raising the funds to reach your mission goals.

The recap

Advance your mission. Today.